Here’s what others are saying:

Hi Nadia!

Just wanted to send you a better photo of our puppy, who we’ve named Boz. We are so impressed with him! We were expecting to find a terrified puppy when we picked him up, but instead he was brave and playful and sweet, greeting everything with curiousity and confidence. And he’s so cuddly!
Here’s a picture of Boz and my husband. Thank you so much for this amazing boy.

Hello Nadia,
I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to pass along the most recent picture of Rufus. The left is him at 6 months, and the right is him at 7 months a few days ago. That huge mass between my arms is just his rib cage…still no belly on this pup, although he is at a very healthy weight now! He’s gonna be a big one. He is such a fun pup. We have mostly moved past the nipping stage. He goes on runs with me a lot and is proving to be a great running partner. He’s had a few snow days to enjoy, and it’s really hard to get him inside when it’s cold out. He LOVES kids. If he hears kids playing on a walk/run, that is just as distracting as a squirrel. His ears perk up, and his tail goes wild. We crate him when we eat, but that’s the only time. He doesn’t protest. He doesn’t have to be crated when we leave the house, which blows my mind because our late GSD was very destructive. He saves his chewing on inappropriate items (though rare) for when he’s sitting right in front of us, haha! He turns heads everywhere we go and loves being pet by strangers.
All the best,
Valerie Dye

Hi Nadia, hope you are well.   Thought I would send you a recent picture of Trane (Wolfgang from your W litter with Paxx and Willow).   He is doing great and we love him so much.  Couldn’t ask for a better dog with my family.  Here he is at 22 month.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how well Pepper (Una von den Oher Tannen) is doing. At 18 weeks, she has mastered all of her basic obedience and is doing great with her public access work! She is so intelligent and I know she will be a great service dog. Thanks, Nadia!

Greetings Nadia,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are by Rufus! His superb breeding is evident by his temperament. He is so easy going, confident, and funny. He has fit right into our chaos 🙂 the boys adore him, and he thinks they’re pretty awesome, too. Our biggest battle right now is teaching him that they aren’t his litter mates and that he can’t nip at them.

Our mini Schnauzer is also busy teaching him who’s boss. She’s pretty much established that she is, but Rufus won’t give up on making her a play mate. She’s growing more soft each day.

He’s slept through the night since night 1 which has been amazing. We’ve left him in his crate for an hour a few times, and he’s slowly warming up to that. Mostly he goes everywhere with us so he can see, hear, and smell new things. This is where I’m most impressed. Not once has he acted skittish toward any new stimuli, except for today when we went to a neighbor’s pool. He wasn’t too sure about the splashing noise but quickly realized we were phased by it so he wouldn’t be either. He even let us hold him in the water with us!

We are so grateful for him and for you for pointing him out to us. Each day he heals my soul from the loss of Argus just a bit more 🙂


Valerie Dye

Dear Nadia,

At nine months, Robin is solid muscle, keenly observant and excelling in scent detection. Each morning at dawn we hike across the cliffs bordering our property. Robin has befriended two young bears, and come upon snakes, skunk, turkey and box turtles. She responds perfectly to my call-back whistle.

She resumes professional training August 1, and we hope to begin competing in AKC scent work in the fall.

I remain so grateful to you for releasing Robin to me as a baby. She fills every moment of my life with joy.

I hope you are well and happy.

With appreciation always,


Hi, Nadia!

I’ve been thinking of you lately and how I’ve wanted to send some photos of our handsome man, Bruce. We’re so infatuated by him- he’s the best dog ever and we cannot thank you enough. Bruce turns heads everywhere he goes! Seriously, the compliments are endless- I always tell people about how fabulous you are!
Here are some photos of Bruce over the past 6 months that we’ve had him.
Thank you again for granting us with all the joy your amazing dogs bring!


Nadia – I can’t thank you enough for my little guy, Jaxson. I know his official name is Onyx Von Den Oher Tannen but to me he will always be Jaxson Diablo. I was amazed at the quality of dogs you had and how well-mannered they all were. I saw a tremendous love and passion you had for all your fur babies. We both agreed that when the ‘right’ puppy came along he would be extra special. We were right! Jaxson has only been here a week but my back yard is filled with excitement once again. He is exceptionally smart and funny. Just watching him makes me laugh. He is stubborn but loving. And most of all, he’s already spoiled.

I’ve told everyone I know about you and your kennel and to look no farther if they want a German Shepherd fur baby. He is definitely a special fur baby that will be loved and well taken care of his entire life. I cannot put into words what this little boy means to me.

Thank you again for the many laughs I’ve already had and the many more to come

Cheryl J S

Hi, Nadia!

Hope this email finds you, your family, and beautiful dogs well. Jake and I wanted to share this handsome photo of Chief with you. He’s about 9.5 months old now, 90 lbs., and a pure joy!
Thank you for the opportunity for us to have and enjoy such a happy and athletic (very!) dog.
Take care.

Elizabeth and Jake



I wanted to send you a recent picture of Seeger. He’s 5 years old now and we couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s smart, athletic, easy to train, and eager to please. We just love him – he is truly part of the family. In addition to the traditional dog trading, we do hikes, bike rides, and visits to wherever. We even take him on vacations with us because the bond is so strong it just wouldn’t be the same without him. Thank you so much for helping us select him. Very best to you Nadia.


Hi Nadia,

I realized I hadn’t sent you a pic of Pixel in a while so I figured I would remedy that. Lynsey and I had a little girl about two and a half months ago and here are our two month photos. We love Pixel so much!! She is loved and gets dog ice cream on a regular basis.


Hey! Just wanted to send a few pics of Samson. His parents are Petra/Jever. He is doing so well! We just love him so much. He is so loyal to our kids and us. When we are out in the yard, he just wants to be wherever we are. He loves car rides and he has a special bond with our two year old. We just want to sincerely thank you for such a great dog! I’ll continue to send pics as I remember. Thank you again!


Wiley2 Wiley1

Wiley is an Oher Tannen and the best GSD ever. Our daughter was 3 when we got him and over the last year, we have had numerous family members, friends and even a professional dog trainer be amazed by his gentle demeanor towards her and his extreme intelligence regarding her age and his boundaries around her. We are a forever fan of Oher Tannens and love him for being a gentle giant towards our children while protective of those he loves!



Hi Nadia,
Hope all is well. Just wanted to send you a picture of Yeti (Apollo). He is beautiful in every way.


Hey Nadia,

We decided on his “y” name, Yanko. He’s doing very well, loves piedmont park, is potty trained, and is going in with me next Wed to meet the training staff we will be working with for the next few weeks. I cannot tell you how many strangers give us compliments on how magnificent he is!

Thank you! Alex

Dear Nadia,

I hope this finds you well.
Every single day I fall more and more in love with Mac.
And everywhere I go with him, he is called “Beautiful,” by, oh about a million people. I have come to reply with, “I know. I think I should have named him “Beautiful.”
He is quite the ambassador. I’ve just now given your website to another interested person.
And I see from your website Testimonials and photos. Please let me know if I can add to this collection.
He is an absolute delight – I adore him.

Kind regards,

This is your name sake. She is better known as Gabi, Miss Gabs, Princess Gabriella, etc. She is loyal, smart,obedient, and a friend to all. Thank you for providing us with such a remarkable animal. My niece visited last week with her five-month old twin girls and Gabi never let them out of her sight. She was mother and protector.


Selena Gardner

Nadia, a million tks!!!!! You have sent us a ray of light!!!!

photo (6)


Hi Nadia!
It’s been quite a while since we’ve been in touch and thought we’d share a picture of Quake (taken today). He’s doing well and is a special member of the family. He’s a smart boy and really has a sense of humor.


Hope all is well.

We are in love……….this pup is really special. I can tell. Confident and independent, but loving and yes, funny. He seems to like the city and the country.
We have named him Boaz. Google the meaning of his name. Bo for short. We think it’s a good fit.
Here’s Boaz in our son Macklin’s stroller. He’s going to the vet on Friday for next round of shots.
Had hoped to give you this update sooner, but we’ve been BUSY all getting to know one another.




These wonderful boys have a blast together! Sully on the left, Odin on right.
They are both smart, loving, growing boys! So thankful they are here with us.
I will try to get more pictures but they are pretty fast.

Sully and Odin

Thanks for all you do.
Pam in TN

Hi Nadia,

Just wanted to share with you something from yesterday – I was driving in lots of traffic with Spitfire looking out the back window. Someone blew their horn repeatedly, and I was like now what! and ignored it. They kept honking, then a car pulled next to me but 2 lanes over, and a woman shouted, “Where did you get your dog??? She’s beautiful!” The light turned green then, and I just had time to tell her google German Shepherds in Tyrone and your name. I think that qualifies as a pretty big compliment for your kennel! Whenever we go to Petsmart too she gets tons of compliments – even from a guy who is a police dog trainer.

Spitfire is taking the Therapy Dogs International exam next month. Not sure if she is ready, but we can always use it as a practice run and try again when she’s a bit older. LOTS of energy now at 13 months of course. Poor Fly can’t even compete anymore – she herds him like a sheep and takes away all his toys!

Spitfire & pumpkin

Leila 🙂

Hi Nadia. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to pass along some new pictures of Janak.
He is growing so fast! Can’t believe he will be 4 months in just a week or so. I can’t tell you how happy we are with him. He has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Jan 1

Have a great weekend!

Congratulations on your recent shows. They all look so beautiful! You have been busy!
Just want to give you an update for Odin. He just turned one this week and needed to share how wonderful he is! Our son had to move back home temporarily so we are full with all three. Odin is smart and sweet! He also can be very spirited and loud to get what he wants! We are so lucky to have him! He is large and strong too! Sending picture too.
Thank you for all you do

Odin_Pam Bradford


I still can’t thank you enough for this guy. We’ve had so much fun together so far and it’s a constant custody battle between my dad and I as far as who gets to keep him for the day! Here’s a recent one of Fred at the park. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Hi Nadia,
I’m happy to report Nico, (Lukas von den Oher Tannen), received his BH back on Dec 1. We certainly couldn’t have pulled it off without the guidance and encouragement offered by T Floyd, Kelly Horgan and the rest of the team at East Coast SchH and Police Club. I feel like I’m just scratching the service of what represents a true bond between dog and handler. I’ve learned much these past few months but also come to realize just how much more I need to learn. I’m looking forward to IPO1 in the near future with T and Kelly. I can’t thank you enough for referring us to T., am forever grateful for Nico. He continues to grow in confidence and personality, he is quite the character.


Best regards,

Hi, Nadia, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, I wanted to tell you that the best present I have for this New Year is Apollo. I wanted to tell you that everyone stops me to tell me what a magnificent dog he is and where did I get him. I gave your number to a family that stopped me and wanted a Shepherd for there 3 daughters. So, from Apollo and Heidi happy holidays and keep those Shepherds coming lol



Just want to give you an update on Mako. Took him to K9 training today for the first time. He was very interested in watching the “big boys” work. I am so pleased with his personality. He is highly inquisitive, very stable, social, with good drives. I think he is quite handsome too. Am sending some less than perfect pictures taken about a week or so ago. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you again,

– Garr

Dear Nadia,

Just wanted to give you an update on Ultimo (we just call him Timo) ? he is the best puppy ever. He is so smart (already knows his name and sits on command) and has the best disposition. We have still to hear him bark (he can bark , can’t he?). We are at the beach this week and he is having a ball. We walked on the beach this morning and he had a great time biting at the waves and chasing the birds. We also had a little trip to a pet store and he had a chance to meet 2 big labs. He wasn?t thrilled at first but finally warmed up to the female who he licked in the face. We ate lunch at a barbecues place with outside tables so he could come with us and everyone who passed admired his good looks and great disposition. And what a great traveler he is!! Put him in the car and is out like a light.

Will send you some pictures when we get home, but suffice it to say we just love him.

– Linda


Brea is the best dog ever. She is incredibly smart and clearly loves her daddy. She responds to voice commands and hand signals alike. She knows each of her toys by name. She even likes the cats.
Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.

– Charlie & Anna


Thanks for the information on the papers. Mako has exceeded my highest expectations. He is an absolute joy (most of the time), growing like crazy, and getting more beautiful every day. I will send pics if I can catch him in a quiet moment.

– Garr
Chief of Police
Eureka Police Department Testimonials


I just had to say hello and show you a couple of pictures of beautiful Major ! He is doing absolutely wonderful. This is the smartest dog we’ve ever seen. He has been in training at Pet Smart in Tupelo and they have said they’ve never trained a dog so smart. He catches on to everything so quickly. He will give you high five, shake your hand, sit, stay…..his eye contact is amazing ! He is so loving with the kids and very loyal. He is attached to Jim ! Jim has spent so much time working with him on everything. He loves inside in the air conditioning but Jim sits with him outside on our back patio a good bit. We have a fenced in back yard and he enjoys playing there, as well. He is about 26 lbs. now. Jim puts salmon oil (a few squirts on his food) and his coat shines so beautifully. Jim has really put so much into him and it shows. He is very attentive and has been very easy to train. We have bells on our door handle and he will ring it when he needs to go outside ! We just can’t believe what kind of dog he is. You are to be commended for raising such wonderful dogs. We will keep you posted as time goes. The kids love him as do we. Thank you so much !!! Notice his new collar is an Ole Miss collar !!! We love our Major Rebel.


God bless,
The Hollands
Jim, Lori, Cole & Jack

Hi Nadia,

I wanted to give you an update on Dez (Mowgli) and let you know how much I’m enjoying him. He is a great car passenger and handled the trip up I-75 very well. He was a little upset the first night, but he took quickly to the crate (as long as he could see me) and slept surprisingly well the first night. He’s started showing energy like his mom as he’s continued to get comfortable with the new surroundings. He’s been extremely sweet, and I couldn’t be happier with him. Thank you again so much, and I’ll send you some pictures when he’s a little bit bigger.

– Tom

Hi Nadia,

Been meaning to send you an email but I am sure you know how busy things get. I check your site every so often, as I love looking at the puppies!!!

Wanted to send you this and let you know, Odessa is doing well. She is shedding like crazy for about 3 weeks and I hope will get the winter coat in soon and the shedding will get better LOL. Honestly, from the time we got her til recently she was shedding so minimally it was a pleasure. anyway, she is eating like an elephant and happy and still very much a puppy, so she makes us laugh with some of her antics. She is such a perfect fit, I cannot tell you. With the grandparents, and the kids and the neighbors. We have two labradoodles on one side of us which she is friends with, and a lab on the other side of us, which she ignores for the most part. She loves the woods and has taken to chasing squirrels and rabbits and varous other little critters. She leaves the deer alone though and watches from a distance. She absolutely is crazy about the tennis balls and is also quite good at the tug toy. She really likes to play! She loves her crate (I wish she didn’t so much) as I would have liked to retire it but every night at around 10:30 she goes to “bed” and is in for the night. She now gets to sleep with the door open and she is very good. We’ve tried leaving her at home for short times (15-20 minutes) and she is good for the most part but still takes a shoe of either mine or craigs and puts it in her corner! She was chewing them for the first few times but she got over that pretty quickly and now just takes them! Growing pains I guess! It will be a while before we leave her in the house for any length of time though, she still is a puppy.

She is also doing well in obedience and we are enjoying that with her.

I am finally sending some pictures so you can see how she looks today vs. when you sent her off. Better than the phone photos I sent before. I tried to get some action shots but I am not that good a photographer. My middle grandson was playing and doing some obedience with her.


– Lynda


We just wanted to share a couple of photos of Major with Cole and Jack. He is spoiled rotten ! You won’t believe how he has already bonded with all of us. He is so completely lazy ! He just lays around by that leather chair and sleeps away. We start training at Pet Smart next week. We will go each Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. with him. He is getting his other shot tomorrow. He is eating well and going to the bathroom only outside. He has done wonderfully with that. Jim is able to come home throughout the day and take him out frequently. Thank you so much for choosing him for us. We cannot imagine us with any other dog. His ears are already standing up ! It is so cute. We will continue to send pics. Have a great week!!!

Much Love,

– Jim, Lori, Cole, Jack & Major Rebel


We made it home at 12;00 noon EDT monday. Everything ok. She loves the cats and loves to play ball. She loves egg McMuffins (without bread). She eats about three at a time. My wife just came back from Petsmart. New bowls, tons of toys, and brushes. She absolutely loves squeeky toys of all types.

She is a ball maniac.

My old cat (14 yrs. old) just walked up and licked her in the face.

She is very intelligent and a real thinker.

We luv yah;

– Michael, Kerry, Una, Harry and Willie(cats)

Hello Nadia,

Oh my goodness, where to begin. Kylie finally made it in from NY. She fell in love with Hanno. Upon meeting our little superstar, she hugged him and declared he was the softest, fluffiest, sweetest and largest puppy that she had ever seen. Of course he ate it up.

Hanno is getting more adventurous daily. He still follows us faithfully but is increasingly following the canine girls. He still wakes me up every morning with an excited bark and just loves to great me with kisses. Once school starts up again, I may be the one waking him up. I draped a blanket over his bed to give it a more den like appearance. He loves it. He runs in and plays for a while with his toys and treats before the snoring begins. I laid on the sofa one night giggling at the fact that he snores, just like a man.

Enjoy the pics, more to come later.

Have a safe and relaxed 4th.


– Bridgette

Hi Nadia,
Had a mini photo shoot this morning.

Zoe and Hanno constantly amuse and amaze me. They often share their food and water but at times like most children one often irritates the other. If it is time for bed, Hanno sometimes runs into Zoe’s bed and this makes her quite anxious. She sits there whining and looking to me for help. He then will not come out and stares at her defiantly. I coax him out with his treats and then he runs into his bed. They both then sit there waiting for their treats and hugs finally satisfied and ready for bed.

They are truly beautiful and amazing beings.

Bridgette, Hanno, & Zoe

Hi Nadia,

Thanks for letting me know about the papers. Maxl is doing great! He’s growing like crazy and is already at 45 lbs. Max’s ears are up.
Thank you for such a great dog. His favorite thing to do is to chase a dragonfly around the yard.



Takoda is my shadow but when I go to work he is perfectly content with my parents. He is a people dog. My neighbor just stopped by and loved how Takoda went right over to hom tail wagging and greeted him with kisses. He is really great. I miss him when I am at work. He sleeps next to my parents bed until I get home. He loves it!
Thanks again for such a great addition to the family!


Dear Nadia,
It has been awhile so I figured I would check in to tell you of Cotton and Chili’s progress in their new home… They are a blast, potty training hasn’t been as difficult as once thought, the crates played a big role in that, we’re training them with treats/sit,lay down ect, they are both fast learners. Cotton I thought would be the leader but it changes on a daily basis, I try to take them to ponds/forests/trails so I can to make it interesting for them instead of walking them through neighborhoods. They have fun regardless. Cotton is very observant, she notices air planes/helicopters/eagles ect and always stops and sits in amazement if we’re walking and she notices them, Chili is more focused on whats in front of her. They are a blessing in my life as well as to my mom/father/siblings, thank you for allowing it to be.

Thanks! Take care!

Hi Nadia,
I wanted to let you know how well Eddy (now Rebus) is doing. He is having a great time in Central Park, playing with all the puppies on Puppy Hill. He is chasing squirrels and birds, of course. He went to Cape Cod and found the seaweed pretty strange! He’s doing well learning his basic obedience.
Anyway he is just the greatest puppy in the world!”


Nadia-he’s here and BEAUTIFUL! I am letting him get comfortable and will try and send a picture-he is not too sure what to make of the snow. My son is in AWE! Will keep you informed as soon as he settles in! Again my deepest gratitude and a very Merry Christmas!!!


Hi Nadia,
Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. Sophie is phenomenal. She has learned so much so quickly. She even learned to ring the bell when she needs to go outside. She and Wyatt (my year old male) get along great and she doesn’t take anything from him. She has adjusted well with the horses and the chickens. I will try to send pictures soon. She has grown so much.
Thank you so much again, I could not have asked for a better temperament.


Nadia: Thank-You!
She did great here last night. She loves my other dog and he is doing well with her. She and the cat are ok with each other also.
She goes right out and potties and she slept through the night quiet as a mouse. Yay!!!


I thought I’d give you a brief update on the little guy. Tywin (Fred) has been an absolute joy. He gets along with my parents’ golden great and has had such a great demeanor when meeting new people. Literally ever place we’ve taken him people have formed lines to come up and meet him and cannot stop speaking about how beautiful and friendly he his. I went to pick up food from a delivery restaurant we frequent and the driver remembered Fred from weeks ago and abandoned the register to come see him outside. Training him has been a breeze and it’s remarkable how fast he learns. He has come, sit, down, heel, and fetch all on lock and is getting better by the day about performing in more distracting environments. Folks from all over Charlotte have begged me to return to their respective location just so they can keep up with Fred and watch him grow up. I hope things have been going well for you and the pups and I’ll keep in touch as time progresses. Thanks so much for everything and I’ll try to send some photos in the near future.


SEAGER is doing better than great. He goes everwhere with us and I mean everywhere. I have given your name out more times than I can recall. This guy is the talk of everybody. We sit out front of every store that he is not allowed in (at this time) and people always stop and ask questions. How do I keep him so calm how did you do this how did you do that on and on. If he can go in the store we go in if not out front with me on the down stay. He has become an amazing little fellow. Well, little is not the word but he is our little man. Weight is now 83lbs and is as nimble as a cat. Takes to frisbie like a cat to a bird. And I might say is very good at catching it. We always said JAKE was special and CODAK was unique but SEAGER is amazing. You have hit a homerun with this guy and we are soooooooo happy. I love to go places just to show him off. Daddy is very proud his son. All walks of life come to me just to ask questions about him and can they get one.
Thank you Nadia we could not be happier. I am thinking of doing his service training so I can take him in EVERYWHERE we go. We have a new Acadamy sports store here and the people in the store have told us SEAGER is already a ledgend in the store. All the people come to the check out and talk about him and what a great dog he is. How sweet he is to the young kids and on and on.

Allen, Alaina and of course the talk of the town SEAGER

Hello Nadia,
Our family has had so much fun with the puppy we got from you two years ago. The puppy we call Dexter was from your “L” litter in September 2010. We have been seriously considering getting another puppy since I’m sure it would be more than twice as fun than one. Dexter is fun and smart with such a good disposition that I wanted to see if you had any puppies available that are like him. We don’t really have a preference for a male or female unless you have some opinion on what would be best since we already have a male.
Look forward to hearing from you,


Hope the new year is starting off well for you. Here’s one of Fred at the park. He’s been such a great addition to the family and continues to get showered with comments everywhere we go. Thanks so much!Fred


Amazingly fine dog you’ve just entrusted me with. Perfectly calm behavior on ride home. Perfectly well mannered meeting my old golden/mix. Perfectly well behaved on jaunt through the woods – though she did want to go for a swim in the lake. I didn’t want any lake water in her wound. She’s lying at my feet now as contented as if she’s been here forever. That’s not me – that’s this really fine stable dog you’ve let me have. Thank you! Thank you! I will report on her progress but wanted you to know, we’re off to a great start.

Bless you.

Hi Nadia,
Zeus (Ymka) is doing amazing and improving everyday, I can not believe how smart he is. He is going to make his parents so proud! By the time he starts his AKC S.T.A.R program, he will be the smartest pup there because he will have all of the basic training. The only reason we are going to do the class is to socialize and work on his bite-inhibition.
Zeus is a great guesser, he learned sit on his own. Knows come here, outside, his name, waits for his meal without jumping at it and it took me 5 minutes to get a perfect shake!
We also moved his crate into the bedroom and covered 2 sides with a blanket, and everyone had a great nite sleep =)
I also can not forget to mention that he is potty trained! (or we are lucky/good guessers)
We accomplished so much in just 1 week. I can not thank you enough for changing my life with such a wonderful addition to our little family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tanya & Jeff

I have always had dogs, always rescues from a humane society of some sort. My one constant wish was to, one day, have a full blooded, high quality German Shepard. As everyone with any knowledge of dogs knows, they are the superior breed when it comes to intelligence and overall capabilities. This is one of the many reasons that it has been one of my many “wants” in life. Everyone of my previous dogs have been excellent dogs and very intelligent. This is mainly due to the amount of time and effort I spent with them. The GSD breed, “If breed correctly”, is one of very few breeds that will amaze you in how fast the dogs catch on and process what you are trying to teach them. They are constantly waiting on a command, and live to satisfy you. So, with all that said, in my search for my very first GSD, my wife and I looked into many breeders. We are located in Georgia, but we were open to go into other states, if need be, to get the level of quality we were searching for. In my research, I was scanning reviews and pictures of their prior clients. The last and only Breeder that had zero negative reviews was Nadia Adams with Von Den Oher Tannen. I said “last” because after looking at photos of her dogs, as well as, prior customers dogs, I read the reviews and I knew that my search was over. I called Nadia to discuss the possibility of getting a puppy, and by the time we hung up I had already put down a deposit. Her knowledge of the breed and her dedication to breeding dogs that meet the German Standard was easy to understand just in her conversation. She is not just a breeder, she has a genuine love for the breed and dogs in general. In my time of waiting to pick up my new addition, I had done a lot more research on the breed in general, and with that comes many questions. I probably called Nadia at least 10 times with different questions, and she gladly answered everyone of them to the best of her knowledge. Now I have had Kingston (my Oher Tannen GSD) for almost 4 months and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with Nadia as my breeder. Kingston is the GSD in my profile picture. He is a traditional Black and red coat. People stop me and talk about how beautiful he is everywhere we go. Even the vet talks about how in all their years of working with dogs, they haven’t ever laid eyes on a more beautiful GSD. All the credit goes to Nadia, her expertise and knowledge in knowing what dogs she should breed to have excellent outcomes. Also, the manner of which she raises not only her dogs but also the puppies in their first 8 weeks of life. I will definitely use Nadia again in the future. I hope to have a big plot of property one day, which will allow me to have multiple GSD’s with plenty of space to exercise and play. I definitely recommend Nadia Adams and Von Den Oher Tannen for all of your German Shepard needs. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
Thank you Nadia,

Chris Garner


Hi Nadia,
Sir McArthur – MAC – is just the best. I’ve wanted a Shepherd for many decades, and this guy was worth the wait. For Mac, everything is the Stanley Cup, whether Frisbee fetch, hide and seek, or playing with another dog. He puts his whole heart into it. He’s an amazing animal. Thank you, Nadia!


Hi Nadia, Menace Von Den Oher Tannen is the perfect name! 🙂 He is doing great. This would not be a good fit for someone who wants a laid-back dog, but he is hugely fun and absolutely perfect for me. Thank you for making such a good choice. I can’t believe how smart this puppy is–he notices everything, and learns unbelievably fast. In Mike Stewart’s book he talks about wanting his famous Wildrose gun dogs to be calm and wait for the command to load and unload from their crate or car, so I decided to teach the puppy the same thing. At 8 weeks old he learned in one day the command to “load” into his crate, and will also sit inside the crate and wait for the command to “unload” before coming (bouncing!) out. He makes great eye contact, and I have taught him to sit, look up at me, and wait for the command to “eat” after I set his food bowl on the floor. Yesterday I got bells that hang from a ribbon on the door knob that jingle every time the door opens. He has already figured out that if he rings the bells with his nose, it means he wants to go outside. He’s a puppy genius 🙂

xo, Nina


Denali at 8 months of age. She is doing well. Smart, very loving, yet strong and confident. Great w kids and loves to play w other dogs. Sounds like she must have taken after her mother Dunja. Have a great day!