Nadia, a million tks!!!!! You have sent us a ray of light!!!!



Hi Nadia!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been in touch and thought we’d share a picture of Quake (taken today). He’s doing well and is a special member of the family. He’s a smart boy and really has a sense of humor.

Hope all is well.



Hi Nadia,

Zeus (Ymka) is doing amazing and improving everyday, I can not believe how smart he is. He is going to make his parents so proud! By the time he starts his AKC S.T.A.R program, he will be the smartest pup there because he will have all of the basic training. The only reason we are going to do the class is to socialize and work on his bite-inhibition.

Zeus is a great guesser, he learned sit on his own. Knows come here, outside, his name, waits for his meal without jumping at it and it took me 5 minutes to get a perfect shake!

We also moved his crate into the bedroom and covered 2 sides with a blanket, and everyone had a great nite sleep =)

I also can not forget to mention that he is potty trained! (or we are lucky/good guessers)

We accomplished so much in just 1 week. I can not thank you enough for changing my life with such a wonderful addition to our little family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tanya & Jeff


We are in love……….this pup is really special. I can tell. Confident and independent, but loving and yes, funny. He seems to like the city and the country.

We have named him Boaz. Google the meaning of his name. Bo for short. We think it’s a good fit.

Here’s Boaz in our son Macklin’s stroller. He’s going to the vet on Friday for next round of shots.

Had hoped to give you this update sooner, but we’ve been BUSY all getting to know one another.


Sully and Odin
These wonderful boys have a blast together! Sully on the left, Odin on right.
They are both smart, loving, growing boys! So thankful they are here with us.
I will try to get more pictures but they are pretty fast.
Thanks for all you do.

Pam in TN

Spitfire &  pumpkin

Hi Nadia,

Just wanted to share with you something from yesterday – I was driving in lots of traffic with Spitfire looking out the back window. Someone blew their horn repeatedly, and I was like now what! and ignored it. They kept honking, then a car pulled next to me but 2 lanes over, and a woman shouted, “Where did you get your dog??? She’s beautiful!” The light turned green then, and I just had time to tell her google German Shepherds in Tyrone and your name. I think that qualifies as a pretty big compliment for your kennel! Whenever we go to Petsmart too she gets tons of compliments – even from a guy who is a police dog trainer.

Spitfire is taking the Therapy Dogs International exam next month. Not sure if she is ready, but we can always use it as a practice run and try again when she’s a bit older. LOTS of energy now at 13 months of course. Poor Fly can’t even compete anymore – she herds him like a sheep and takes away all his toys!

Leila 🙂

Jan 1

Hi Nadia. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to pass along some new pictures of Janak.

He is growing so fast! Can’t believe he will be 4 months in just a week or so. I can’t tell you how happy we are with him. He has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Have a great weekend!

Odin_Pam Bradford

Congratulations on your recent shows. They all look so beautiful! You have been busy!
Just want to give you an update for Odin. He just turned one this week and needed to share how wonderful he is! Our son had to move back home temporarily so we are full with all three. Odin is smart and sweet! He also can be very spirited and loud to get what he wants! We are so lucky to have him! He is large and strong too! Sending picture too.
Thank you for all you do



I still can’t thank you enough for this guy. We’ve had so much fun together so far and it’s a constant custody battle between my dad and I as far as who gets to keep him for the day! Here’s a recent one of Fred at the park. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Hi Nadia,

I’m happy to report Nico, (Lukas von den Oher Tannen), received his BH back on Dec 1. We certainly couldn’t have pulled it off without the guidance and encouragement offered by T Floyd, Kelly Horgan and the rest of the team at East Coast SchH and Police Club. I feel like I’m just scratching the service of what represents a true bond between dog and handler. I’ve learned much these past few months but also come to realize just how much more I need to learn. I’m looking forward to IPO1 in the near future with T and Kelly. I can’t thank you enough for referring us to T., am forever grateful for Nico. He continues to grow in confidence and personality, he is quite the character.

Best regards,

Hi, Nadia, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, I wanted to tell you that the best present I have for this New Year is Apollo. I wanted to tell you that everyone stops me to tell me what a magnificent dog he is and where did I get him. I gave your number to a family that stopped me and wanted a Shepherd for there 3 daughters. So, from Apollo and Heidi happy holidays and keep those Shepherds coming lol EDWARD