Miles J. Rosenthal, D.M.D. / September 7, 2015

A Review of Nadia Adams’ Von Den Oher Tannen

I have been a dog owner for; and it is hard to believe it myself; nearly half a century. I have owned German Shepherd Dogs and Golden Retrievers. During that time, I have had the privilege of enjoying that mystical Human-Canine bond that comes with owning a fine purebred dog.

However, for the past twenty years or so, I have noticed a deterioration in breed standards. I have owned a dog with a wonderful temperament, but who suffered from severe hip dysplasia. I have owned a dog who was sound in body, but whose temperament was lacking.

So recently when my eleven year old expressed a desire for a dog, I was all for it. I felt that it would not only help his maturity and development; but also fill the void in my own life that only a dog owner could understand. I felt that a German Shepherd would be ideal; I had grown up with one myself.

In my opinion, there are few things to compare with the joy of owning a good dog. Yet the reverse is also true. There are few things as difficult as owning a not very good dog.

My initial excitement at the prospect of a new dog was dampened by the reality of a world where mediocrity has become the new normal. What I needed was a breeder whose standards and love for the breed was paramount. Not someone who merely says the words, but someone who lives the life. Someone with integrity. Someone whose standards are as high as my own are. I practiced Dentistry in New York after graduating from an Ivy League school.

I began my search with the idea that I would go wherever I had to; that distance was no object. Just as patients would travel to see me from all over the country.

There are times when life is in perfect balance, because I came across a Website for a kennel called Von Den Oher Tannen that looked very promising. Furthermore, it was actually close by me near Atlanta.

I was very taken with the words that Nadia Adams used to describe her love of German Shepherds. They were sincere and mirrored my own feelings. Her dedication to maintaining, and improving the breed standard was obvious. This was no “backyard breeder”. This was the real deal.

Yet, Nadia was even more impressive after I spoke with her. She was born in Germany and maintains the stricter German breed standards. She travels to Germany frequently, and imports the finest GSD puppies. She knows the best breeders there, and of course speaks the language.

A visit to Von Den Oher Tannen, and I was fully convinced. Nadia’s wonderful personality was manifest in all of the dogs that I saw. Beautiful dogs. Smart dogs. Wonderful dogs. In fact, the most impressive creatures that I have ever seen.

Nadia understood my fears regarding my recent experiences. I knew that she would find the right dog for my family. And so I put down my deposit and prepared for a long wait.

However, as I said before, there are times when life is in perfect balance. Because within a few weeks Nadia called to say that an imported 8-week-old puppy that had just arrived from Germany was available. Apparently, the person who was supposed to get the dog was unable to take the pup at this time. I researched the pedigree of the Sire and Dam. This was a puppy of Champions, both in Show and Schutzhund titles. I went back seven generations and saw nothing but excellent dogs on both sides of the lineage.

The next day I met the newest member of my family. One look and I knew that this was the dog that I had hoped for. There were no doubts in my mind.

What I must impart to the reader is not just the excellence of Nadia Adams as a breeder of German Shepherd Dogs, but also of her integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Because although this was a more costly imported dog, Nadia charged me the previously agreed upon price. When I thanked her, she said simply “It was the right thing to do”. These few words sum her up perfectly.

I have lived with “Captain vom Lubzer Eldetal” for the past month. This is not just the smartest dog that I have ever owned, he is brilliant. His temperament is everything that I could have hoped for and more. I spend every day working with him and I have never seen a dog learn so quickly, or be more sweet natured.

This has been a long review, but I feel so strongly about Nadia Adams that I had to put my words down on paper. If you are considering the addition of a German Shepherd to your family, a truly positive life altering experience, then please, do yourself a favor and go to Von den Oher Tannen and meet Nadia and family. It will be the best decision that you could make.