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Other German words found on official SV documents

Hip and Elbow results:
a1 normal normal. Compare to OFA excellent
a2 fast normal almost normal. Compare to OFA good
a3 noch zugelassen still accepted. Compare to OFA fair
a6 Ausland acceptable rating from an approved country
Breed Show Ratings:
VA Vorzüglich Auslese Excellent select
V Vorzüglich Excellent
SG Sehr Gut Very Good
G Gut Good
A Ausreichend Sufficient
Working Titles:
IPO1, 2, 3 International title (Tracking, Obedience, Protection)
ScHH1, 2, 3 Schutzhund title (Tracking, Obedience, Protection)
RH 1, 2, 3 Search & Rescue title
ZH 1, 2 Customs title
DPH Police title
FH 1, 2 Tracking title
HGH Herding title
Hip and Elbow results:
st – stockhaar standard or stock coat
lsth – langstockhaarig mit Unterwolle longstock coated with undercoat
lstho – langstockhaarig ohne Unterwolle longstock coated without undercoat
langh – langhaarig longcoated
Other abbreviations
* – angekört breed surveyed
ZB – Zuchtbewertung breed show rating
KB – Körbericht breed survey report
DNA gpr. DNA tested
LGZS – Landesgruppenzuchtschau Regional breed show
BSZS – Bundesiegerzuchtschau Country breed championship (this term is only used for the German Siegershow)
BSP – Bundessiegerprüfung Country trial championship (this term is only used for the German Championship)
LGA – Landesgruppenausscheidung Country trial qualifier
TSB – Triebveranlagung, Selbstsicherheit u. Belastbarkeit Drive, self-confidence and resilience

Available Puppies sired by

SG1 (World Champion) Asap vom Aldamar
V1 (SG5 BSZS) Willas vom Suentelstein
VA1 (USA) Paxx von den Oher Tannen

Recent Accomplishments

VA1 (USA) Sieger Paxx von den Oher Tannen
VA1 (USA) Siegerin Prada vom Externstein
VA5 Jenna von den Oher Tannen
V1 Vella von den Oher Tannen
V1 Maisy von den Oher Tannen
SG1 Quany von den Oher Tannen
SG31 (BSZS) Lilly von den Oher Tannen

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