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Thank you for your email and interest in our dogs. We aim to answer all of your questions and concerns as soon as possible. Please note that we are a small family operated kennel and the care and well-being of our dogs is our number one priority. We will reply to your message just as soon as we are able to.

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Kennel Von den Oher Tannen
Owner Nadia Adams
Address Atlanta, Georgia
Phone (678) 480-6000

Available Puppies sired by

SG1 (World Champion) Asap vom Aldamar
V1 (SG5 BSZS) Willas vom Suentelstein
VA1 (USA) Paxx von den Oher Tannen

Recent Accomplishments

VA1 (USA) Sieger Paxx von den Oher Tannen
VA1 (USA) Siegerin Prada vom Externstein
VA5 Jenna von den Oher Tannen
V1 Vella von den Oher Tannen
V1 Maisy von den Oher Tannen
SG1 Quany von den Oher Tannen
SG31 (BSZS) Lilly von den Oher Tannen

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Contact Information

Owner: Nadia Adams
Address: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: (678) 480-6000

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